Reach Trips help us fulfill the Great Commission as we share Jesus near and far. We believe that Jesus left us with one simple instruction: “Go and tell the world.” 



Adult Reach Trip to Haiti
November 10-17, 2018 | Ages 16+
Purpose: Assist citizens in the communities
Registration deadline: June 18, 2018


Adult Reach Trip to Texas
September 22-30, 2018 | Ages 16+
Purpose: Help the Houston area with remodeling from Hurricane Harvey
Registration deadline: August 15, 2018


UG Young Adults Reach Trip to Tijuana
January 1-6, 2019 | Ages 18-35
Purpose: Partner with RDSN to bring hope to the community
Registration deadline: September 4, 2018


Adult Reach Trip to Chile
February 15-24, 2019 | Ages 16+
Purpose: Help at the Santiago Children's Outreach Center
Registration deadline: September 6, 2018