annual business meeting

a letter from pastor josh + jenaye

A record 301 baptisms. A major building project completed and two-thirds paid off in the same year. The largest weekend gatherings in our 93-year history. Almost $100,000 given for foster families in less than two months. 843 Dream Teamers. An Online Campus consistently reaching 10 states and 4 countries. And that’s just a portion of what is included in this year’s annual report.

Once again, we are filled with humble amazement at what God has done and faithful expectation that He will do it again. Second Timothy 2 reminds us God has set His people and church apart as vessels for honorable use. This truth gives the church the confidence to not just hope for Heaven to come but to trust that God’s work done God’s way will cause God’s will to come “on earth as it is in Heaven” (Matthew 6:10 NIV).

Love & Gratitude,
Pastor Josh + Jenaye

what we’ve done together

2021 attendance

436 kids

average weekly eKids

2333 weekly

average total attendance

286 new guests

filled out a Connect Card

4562 people

on Easter weekend

2756 people

record non-holiday weekend attendance during "At the Movies" series

4182 people

on Christmas Eve

online campus launch

304 average live viewers

Launched Discover Online
and Online Dream Teams

Consistent attendees from 10 states
and 4 countries

7,906 Hours of YouTube watch time in 2021


In 2021, we baptized a record number of people at Evangel!


Water Baptism represents our old life being buried and our new life coming out of the water with Jesus (Romans 6). Each of these baptisms represents a life being transformed by Jesus!




I started coming to Evangel in April 2021. My kids and I knew the moment we stepped into the church that it was our home. We were ready to put our roots down, so we started volunteering right away. For me, serving is a big deal to feel a part of the mission of the church, what the church is doing in the community and across the world.

My son has watched me serve since day one, and it’s really made him want to serve as well. He’s 12 years old, and he wanted to do anything he could to help. He now runs cameras. If there’s a day he’s not scheduled, he will definitely ask if there is anything else he could do. I can see him really maturing in that area, wanting to do his part. It’s so fun to watch!


gno conference 2021


$13,496 GIVEN 

girls night out //
august 2021




Your obedience to God and your generosity are making a huge impact.

mortgage update


Total building project cost: $16.275M

Total borrowed: $7,233,729


legacy makers



legacy makers partners and organizations: $403,838

31:8 Project
415 Leaders
AG Trust
Church Multiplication Network
One More One Less
Bismarck Emergency Food Pantry
Bismarck Global Neighbors
Project Ignite Light
Pattern for Life

Women’s Care Center
Freedom International
Lespwa Lavi
One Hope
Senders Fund
Speed the Light
Maxwell Salt & Light

launched in november 2021

In the last two months of the year,

$98,200 WAS GIVEN

to help vulnerable kids through The Lily Initiative.


Dear Evangel Family,

It was over 4 years ago when my wife came to me on a random weekend and asked if I would ever consider doing Foster Care. It was something that was pulling at her heart, and I was completely speechless at the idea, telling her that I would “think about it.” That very Sunday, Pastor Josh was on stage preaching, proclaiming that he wanted Evangel to become a FOSTERING Church. I turned to look at my wife who was staring back with a sly grin on her face. A few months later, I met a 6-year-old boy that was so neglected we could only understand every fifth word and was suffering from deep trauma. That boy is now 10 years old, and I’m honored to call him my son after adopting him 2 years ago. He loves Jesus and the things eKids is doing in his life are mind blowing.

I’m also writing this on the week that we received the petition to adopt our second foster child who is 2 years old, who also comes to church and loves the Lord. I never expected to love these children as much as I do. Thank you again for everything.

Adoption Matters. Foster Care Matters. Your Ministry Matters.

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