August 05, 2018

Made New (Your Next Steps)

If you’re reading this because you began a relationship with Jesus, CONGRATULATIONS! We believe that this is the best decision that you’ll ever make and that all of heaven (not to mention your Evangel family) is rejoicing and cheering for you.

Your whole life is ahead of you, and your best is yet to come. With that being said, we want to help you during your continued growth, so here are a few practical steps you can take as you continue to fulfill your God-given purpose in life.

  1. Get Baptized.

This is the next step for anyone who has decided to follow Jesus. Mark 16:16 –“Believe and be baptized.” Being water baptized is a step of obedience. Jesus instructed His followers to do this as a way to publicly declare our faith in him. The action of being submerged underwater symbolizes us being buried with him, and the action of coming up out of the water symbolizes us being raised to new life! We would love to celebrate your decision to follow Jesus and have you sign up to be baptized! You can register at

  1. Time With God.

You are now in a relationship with God. Every good relationship takes intentional time to develop and thrive. We encourage everyone who has accepted Jesus to live this out with these two practices: Bible reading and prayer.  

The Bible contains everything you need to know to live out the Christian faith; it will provide counsel, guidance, correction, and inspiration for your life. The Bible is God’s Word and road map for us to live out our Christian life. We encourage you to read a chapter or two each day and to begin reading the book of John. Evangel follows a Bible reading plan called SOAP. You can download and view our SOAP plan at or download the goevangel app to your phone, which will also give you access to the Bible reading plan. If you don’t have a Bible, we would be happy to provide you with one–just ask one of our team members at the Information Center!

Prayer is the way that you communicate with God directly, and it’s essential for growing in your new relationship with Him. Just like in any new relationship, you need to spend time talking and sharing the things that are on your heart and mind. If you are new to praying, you can use the PRAY acronym as a framework to help you get started.  

P – Praise. Start by praising, honoring, and thanking God for who He is and all He has done!  

R – Repent. Repenting means you admit that you’ve done wrong things and that you don’t want to do them anymore. Ask God to forgive you for the things that you have done wrong. Asking for forgiveness allows you to come clean and removes a weight from you, which helps you to trust God more. As you are honest and real with God, you will draw closer to him, and your relationship with Him will grow stronger.   

A – Ask.  After you’ve thanked God, admitted your wrongs, and asked God to forgive you, ask Him to give you the things that you need. He is a good God that wants to bless your life with everything that is part of His good plan for your life.

Y – Yield. Finally, take time to sit and listen. Every good relationship requires listening. Quiet your mind and surrender yourself to Jesus. God wants to speak to you, so be ready to hear from Him.

  1. Join A Group

You were created to be in a relationship with God and also with others! It is vital that you are in a faith community. At Evangel, we do this through our Connect Groups. Our Connect Groups are anywhere from 6-12 people who gather together to grow in their relationship with God and each other. We have groups for all different ages and demographics.

Alpha is a group that is designed to explore the Christian faith, meet people on the same journey as you, and ask questions. This class is perfect for those who have a new relationship with Jesus or have questions about what it means to follow Jesus. This 11-week class is offered twice a year (fall and spring) at Evangel. You can expect good conversation, free food, and some good laughs. We would love to have you there!

To register for one of our groups, go to