The Story Behind 'Your Blood is Enough'

The song 'Your Blood is Enough' was written in 2014/15.  I was listening to a podcast while training for a half marathon and the speaker kept repeating the phrase, "His blood is enough." Over and over, it kind of stuck with me throughout the day and came out in a writing session.

The bridge 'You never fail me' was taken directly from a song written by my friend Tony Meyer. The section of his song fit so well with the theme of the song I was writing.  I asked him if I could use it, and what you hear is the product.

Be encouraged today that no matter what you're facing - challenges, problems, or issues - the blood of Jesus that was shed for us has paid the ultimate price for us.  We can know the source of all strength and hope in Jesus. 

Your Blood is Enough
Vocals by Scott Flaten

Your blood is enough for me
Your blood is enough for me
Forgiveness and grace are all that I need
Your blood is enough for me


When darkness arises and fear fills my eyes
I know that in You I can stand
For the Lamb who was slain
Is the One who will reign
There is victory here in Your hand

Your blood is enough

You gave up Your life on the cross
YOu gave up Your life on the cross
You died in my place to save what was lost
You gave up Your life on the cross


You never fail me, Lord You never fail me
You never fail me
You’re the One that I cling to