by Matt Markel

“How great are your works, O Lord! Your thoughts are very deep!
The stupid man cannot know; the fool cannot understand this”
(Psalm 92:5-6 ESV)

When I think of wonder and mystery, I’m reminded of my 4-year-old nephew. So much of the world is new to him and seeing him experience things for the first time is amazing. The simplest things that I am used to and overlook on a day-to-day basis are completely fascinating and brand new to him.

When we go through life with the mindset of already knowing, we begin to check out and go through the motions. We know what the roads on our way to work will look like and when the traffic will come. We know the stories we’ll hear at Christmas and go through the motions of playing along and listening. When we don’t have mystery and wonder, we are missing out on a life full of awe, excitement and beauty!

If you completely understood what made your children or your spouse so lovely, you would probably feel robbed of the magic that is present in the mystery. Part of what makes them lovely is the mystery itself.

Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well” (Psalm 139:14 ESV)

It can be as simple as taking a moment to close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you, or examining the beauty in everyday objects. When I go through my day observing things I would normally overlook, I’m filled with a sense of wonder and awe of the world. I can’t help but want to praise God when I think of the complexities and beauty He’s placed around us. God’s creation is profoundly amazing when we take the time notice it.

“If there is no wonder, no experience of mystery, our efforts to worship will be futile.” – A.W. Tozer

When we come to a worship service with the “already knowing” mindset, we know what songs we expect to hear, what people we’re going to see and what feelings we expect to feel, we lose our sense of wonder and our worship is cheapened. But when we enter each worship service with our eyes wide open, searching and waiting for the mysteries of God, hoping to catch a glimpse of Him, we will be changed. We will not be able to contain our worship and praise! His beauty, creativity, love and mystery are endless!

“May we never lose our wonder
Wide eyed and mystified
May we be just like a child
Staring at the beauty of
our King” ­­­­­
 – Amanda Cook, from the song “Wonder” off the album You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music*


*"Wonder" by Amanda Cook ©2013 Bethel Music Publishing