What "Run to You" meant to us // Paul & Sam Christensen

by Samantha Christensen

I first heard, “Run to You” when I was in my first trimester with our second son. We were excited and expecting great things with the new addition to our family. Not long after I heard this song, I started having complications with the pregnancy but remained optimistic that we would be able to get through it. At 19 weeks my water broke. That night was very hard for us. I was confused and questioning what would happen to our son. Would we deliver? Would we lose our son? Why did this have to happen this way? I was fortunate that my contractions had stopped and the doctor sent us home on bed rest. My whole world shifted from that point on.

After being admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks on continued bed rest I was a mess of emotions. I felt isolated and alone away from my family. I was sad because I was no longer going to have a normal pregnancy. And I was in a lot of pain from contractions that I felt I couldn’t tell anyone about for fear that I would have Asher too soon. I was a wreck! But then “Run to You” came flooding into my mind, and God was speaking directly to me saying, “When the waters rise out of control, You are the anchor for my soul.” He reminded me through this song that all I needed was to trust Him. No matter what trials we were walking through, He is the promise we could stand on.

After that, I began to sing this song out every day. I sang it to myself, our baby, and even the nurses that came into the room. It became our anthem. Truly, it was a reminder to me to remain confident in God. It reassured me that my past experiences have demonstrated God’s faithfulness in my life, and he would prove Himself faithful no matter what we were facing. It gave me hope that I was not alone, I was not the only one to face challenges like these, and He would see us through.

“Whatever may come my way, I will trust you.”