The Story Behind 'We are the Church'

As a songwriter and a worship leader, I am always asking myself if the songs we write and sing are teaching our people sound theology.  Beyond what sounds cool, or might be popular at the moment, are the people being taught and discipled in what is right and true?  

I love that our church can stand together, sing this song, and declare what we believe.  There are many different traditions within our churches, but we can agree that Christ died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again.  In a time where our nation and even our churches can be divided along racial, economic, or ideological lines, we can find power in declaring the foundational truths of what we believe.  

We Are The Church
Vocals by Scott Flaten

We are the church and we’re standing strong
The gates of Hell can’t overcome
The power of the Risen Lord
Reigning now and forevermore              

We are the church in glorious light
Washed in the blood clean, pure, and white
Declaring Christ the risen King
Our joy, our hope, our victory

We believe in the Father
We believe in the Son
We believe in the Spirit
The holy Three in One                

We believe that He’s coming back
Forever He will reign
We believe
We believe

We are the church and we’re rising up
Built upon the Cornerstone
The war is waged, the battle won
The Lamb of God has overcome

We will cry out “Holy, Holy”
We declare the greatness of our God
And with the angels, sing “Hallelujah”
We shout His praises
We shout His praises                        

We are the church and we proclaim
That Jesus Christ is reigning here
With eyes of fire, he’ll come again
The Risen Christ Victorious Lamb”