The Story Behind 'There's Nothing Greater'

This song was a product of a small songwriters small group that we had at Evangel.  The assignment given to the songwriting group was to write a song that taught or declared something about God’s love (how’s that for a vague topic?).  I wrote this song and brought it to the next songwriters meeting honestly, so that I could say that I finished the assignment.  I wasn’t overly confident with the song, but I played it for my fellow songwriters anyway.  At the end of the song, I braced myself for a round of “It’s nice, I guess,” type of comments.  To my surprise, the song hit a nerve with everyone, and we moved it forward to production.  

There’s Nothing Greater
Vocals by Jonnica Norick

Though I am unfaithful and filled with doubt
You are faithful beyond my fear
Though darkness seems to hide your face
I will rest in Your presence here    

Though the mountain is shaking

And my heart gives way I know that
There’s nothing greater than Your love
In Your presence You tell me who I am
I am safe here in Your hands
There’s nothing greater than Your love

When sadness surrounds, overwhelming me
I put my trust in You

In Your name is all power and authority
In Your name I will not be moved

Jesus, Your love is
More than enough

You satisfy me, You satisfy me