Meet The Team // Scott Flaten


As the Worship Arts Pastor at Evangel, Scott leads with a vision to see people experience God’s life-changing presence through corporate and private worship. He has a desire to know God personally and feels called to facilitate opportunities where people can encounter Jesus. In addition to almost 20 years of experience leading worship and writing songs, he brings a powerful anointing to lead people in worship through music.

“One word, phrase, or song has the potential to bring about a total change when the Holy Spirit takes it and applies it to our lives,” he explains. “As we declare the truth of God’s Word in song, we are declaring God’s truth over what we are experiencing as truth in our lives. We’re building our faith and putting our hope in Christ as we worship.”

This album is the result of Scott’s desire to express the heart of Evangel. “We Have Heard is really a snapshot of where God has led our local church over the last couple years,” he says. “I can look back at each song and remember what was happening, what God was teaching me, what God was doing in our church. It’s very meaningful to be able to look back and see the faithfulness of God over the last season.”