Meet The Team // Nicole Elliott

Featured on I Remember

Nicole is a gifted singer, professional photographer, homeschooling mother of four girls, and co-founder of a ministry to women called Real Faith Live. She’s passionate about helping people understand their worth in Christ and empowering them to believe in their gifts and talents. “As one candle lights the next,” she says “[we’ll] create a generation that is unashamed of the Gospel and will spend their days proclaiming the truth about Christ.”


She’s been adding her unique talent and anointing to the Evangel Worship team for over 13 years. Of her experience, she says, “We are not afraid to let the Spirit move in and through worship. People are starving for truth and authenticity. There’s nothing more authentic than the mighty transformative move of the Holy Spirit[...] When we open ourselves up and allow the deepest part of us to connect with the deepest part of God it creates such an intimate and personal connection. You can not help but be changed in the presence of our God.”

She adds, “[This album] is such a wonderful collaboration of anointed musicians coming together to bring an impacting message through songs and melodies that will touch and move people’s hearts. It’s such a blessing to be a part of that.”