Meet The Team // Josh Detwiler


Featured on The Best is yet to Come

As a pastor’s kid, Josh was raised being highly involved in church. While in high school, members of his church saw his passion for worship and talent for music. They started encouraging and supporting him in pursuing worship leading. After studying music in college, he moved back to Bismarck and was the first student in our worship leadership program.


Josh has been a vital member of our team for many years, frequently leading worship in our student ministry, young adult ministry, and for our weekend services. Outside of music, he’s an artist with many talents including drawing, painting, and carpentry. He says, “I love that the Evangel worship culture isn’t just defined by music, but there are so many other creative ways that people can express their worship--through dance, sound, lighting, video, photography.”

He desires to use his talents for God’s glory and to lead people into a worship experience where they have a life-changing experience with God. “Worship is so much more than a portion of a church service where we sing songs together,” he explains. “It’s something that we have every moment of every day that reflects the intimate relationship we have with God."