'We Have Heard' Album Story

One of the best things about writing songs in a local church setting is that each song tells a story about the history of that church.  The album as a whole serves as a “snapshot” of what God was doing throughout the creative process of writing and recording a song.  The songs on the album “We Have Heard” do just that.  Each song was crafted out of shared experiences and events that have taken place at Evangel over the last 2-3 years.  

There’s something powerful that happens when a church stands together and declares the truth of God’s word through songs that were written out of shared experiences.  These songs have been a source of comfort in times of loss, a reminder of God’s faithfulness in times of unrest, and an encouragement to trust God’s plan in seasons of uncertainty.  They have been songs of celebration and hope to the people of our local church.  It’s our prayer that this “snapshot” can be of some encouragement to the greater Church as well.