Worship Changes Us

by Josh Detwiler

Exodus 34 talks about how Moses went and met with God so that God could rewrite the tablets which Moses had broken. When Moses got there he met with God and was there for forty days. When he came back down, his face was radiant, and people were afraid. He spoke to the people and told them what God had said, and afterward he put a veil over his face.

The presence of God has an effect on people!

I don’t know why today’s world seems to think we can go to church, have our quiet time with the Lord of everything, and still walk away just as we were before?!

As with anything in life, worship causes us to change. If we idolize money, or relationships, or TV or whatever it is, it has an effect on the person that we are. Just like those things, time in His presence and truly experiencing Him changes us, but if we walk away unchanged we abuse His presence.

Our challenge about being changed by God’s presence is that (like Moses), the people around you might not be all that supportive. The Israelites were scared at first because they didn’t understand. People may not always understand, but if we trust God and are available to be used by Him, He is more than able to take care of us.