How To Conduct Worship Ministry Auditions

By Pastor Scott Flaten 

First off, let me say that there are many ways to conduct worship ministry auditions.  I’ll share below how we’ve decided to conduct them for this season.
1.  Let people know about auditions.
We hold ‘open’ auditions.  This means that 3-4 times a year, we announce that we will be holding worship ministry auditions.  Let people know about the opportunity to serve on your team.  Make it clear how to sign up, or who to contact.  We usually call for people to contact the worship ministry office to reserve their audition time slot.

2. Worship Ministry Audition Form
All potential worship team members fill out the Worship Ministry Audition Form.  We ask for a lot of information, including a personal salvation story, and references.  (Download theWorship Application.) This form helps guide conversation during the audition.

3.  The Audition
The actual audition consists of three parts.  The personal interview, playing together, and communicating about involvement.

The personal interview consists of reviewing the audition form.  We ask potential worship team members the questions that are on the audition form they just filled out, and ask any clarifying questions needed.  This is an opportunity to hear how God has impacted the hearts and lives of those wanting to join our team.  It’s also an opportunity to connect one-on-one, to make a personal connection with those who may serve on your team.

Next, we move into a time of playing together.  I select 3-4 well known worship songs that we play/sing together. The process varies based on what the applicant wants to do.  (For singers, I ask them to sing the lead, and also harmony parts.  For drummers, we play songs in different time signatures to try and gauge where their skill level is.)

Lastly, I communicate with them about their involvement.  This can sound a bit intense, but I look at it as an opportunity to communicate openly and place people where God has gifted them.  Most people understand that if they are placed where they aren’t equipped to serve, it will be frustrating for everyone.  I’ll usually provide the applicant with feedback on what I heard and how they can improve.  For the most part, people have a desire to grow and change in their musical ability.  I’ll also voice any concerns about their involvement.  Then I’ll either invite them to be a part of the team, or I ask them to take 6 months and work on the things we’ve already discussed, and then come back and audition again.

Then we close the time by praying together, thanking God for the opportunity to meet and talk, and ask God’s blessing on the applicant.

It’s important to remember that the people auditioning to be a part of your team are good people who love Jesus and want to be involved.  Treat them like people, who have real feelings, insecurities, and strengths.  Communicate the truth in love and make the most of the opportunity to speak with encouraging but honest words to those you’re meeting with.  This is a great chance to speak life and make a personal connection with the people in your church.
As always, if there are any questions with this process, feel free to call or email with questions.