We want you to have a growing relationship with Jesus. Growing that relationship is just like any other friendship, it takes time and is a life-long journey. This relationship is built through time reading your Bible, which is your road map to life, as well as prayer. We want to encourage you to use the SOAP method. SOAP is an acronym: Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. While reading your Bible, journaling is an excellent way to record your thoughts and what God is speaking to you. Journaling will allow you to go back and see God’s faithfulness along the way.

If you have questions about The Bible, Jesus, or Christianity ingeneral, we want to encourage you to attend Alpha. Alpha is a group designed for open and honest conversation about Christianity and to help answer the questions that you may have. 


What is God speaking through these verses and throughout the entire chapter? What do these verses mean? 


Communicate with God verbally or by writing in your notebook and ask Him to help you apply this to your life.


Take your time reading each chapter. Write down what specific verses catch your attention.


From these verses, what principles can you apply to your life right now?


Printable Reading Plans

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