Life is going to fly by and you will have missed opportunities to encounter God.

One encounter with Jesus is enough to change you, instantly, forever.

The very word “Encounter” means ‘to come upon face to face.’ He is wanting to meet with you – to have an encounter with YOU not just once but every day.


: To set (something) on fire : to cause (something) to burn

: To catch fire

: To give life or energy to (someone or something)

 At the center of every candle is a wick. The same is our heart’s condition. I believe there are some changes needed in order for us as individuals, to shine brighter and better for God this year.

RISE - Reach

We will Rise and conquer all obstacles in order to accomplish His task. We will let our light shine for all to see. 

I believe its time that we Rose to God’s Occasion.

We are kicking off our new theme, RISE. Reach, Ignite, Serve, Encounter. 

God is calling this generation to the next level. We will Reach our schools for the kingdom. 


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