In this message, Pastor Ryan Motl taught on the story of Peter and redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. Like Peter, many of us either feel ashamed when we mess up or do not think through things and react with our feelings. Jesus is patiently waiting for us to run to Him when we truly don't think we can.

Every year it goes faster and faster, and here is the problem.  If you don’t look up and see where you are you will quickly find yourself sinking, floating or sailing in your spiritual life. 

Pastor Cory continued our Anchor Down Series with a message called Shake It Off. He talked about how Jesus wants to you use you and bless you. The struggle is that we keep holding on to our past failures and what people say. Let's shake it off and keep moving in God's plan for our lives.

A graduate of the Evangel Leadership Academy, Nate Chapman, kicked off the first message in our new series Anchor Down. He talked about how we make excuses in our life to not anchor down in our walk with Jesus Christ. We can never move forward, if we keep making excuses.

Anchor Down

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    What Lies Beneath
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