When You Feel There Is No Hope

When You Feel There Is No Hope

Linda Schlafman 

No hope.  No hope.  No hope.

It’s that sinking feeling that nothing will ever be as it was before.  Empty, hollow and lonely.

The people closest to Jesus must have had those same thoughts.  Jesus…dead?  The tomb…empty?  Hope… Lost? The women who went to take care of Jesus' body in the tomb were perplexed and baffled when they found the tomb empty.  (Luke 24:4)  Still left with a feeling of despair, the angel reminded the women about what Jesus had told them, ‘that he(Jesus) would be crucified, and that he would rise again on the third day.” Luke 24:7.  Had they forgotten?  This reminder began to create hope and hope began to change their focus.  

The story continues with two followers of Jesus walking and talking about Jesus’ death and scripture says, ‘sadness was written across their faces’ Luke 24:17.  They knew what the women had said but still they remained hopeless.  Why?  It wasn’t until they had an encounter with the living Jesus that joy replaced the sadness and hope replaced despair!

Are you feeling empty, hollow or lonely?

  • Read the Bible - The angel reminded the women and Jesus reminded his followers to look to the scriptures. 
  • Surround yourself with followers of Jesus - They will remind you that when you feel hopeless there is reason to hope.     
  • Want joy -  You must meet the living Jesus!  

Just as the empty tomb became the beginning of hope for all of us, only the living Jesus gives us the joy we so deeply desire.

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