Why Pray With Your Kids?

5,840 prayers prayed with my daughter of 16 years and 5,110 prayers prayed over my son who’s 14.  How do I know that’s approximately how many prayers we’ve prayed?  Because we pray together every night before they go to bed.  Always! 

It’s not about the number of prayers prayed but about taking the time and allowing opportunities for God’s presence to show up in our home and in our kids lives.

Time shows what you value and that you value them and God.
Time shows commitment to constancy.
Time opens the door for God’s presence.

Most of the deep, meaningful conversations at our house come at bedtime when the kids are getting ready to go to bed.  Yes, we’re tired and want our kids to sleep so we can relax.  Yes, it would be easier to say goodnight and just turn off the light.  But, oh yes, we want our kids to know God cares, we care, and that EVERY day is a day to position yourself for God’s presence simply by being willing to pray.

Not every prayer feels like it brings God’s glory down BUT every prayer lifted up is heard and answered by the one who wants to bring us into His presence.  Without prayer you miss simple but meaningful opportunities.  

Opportunities to simply:

  • acknowledge God is there…Always.
  • believe things will work out according to God’s plan.
  • have hope for another day.

So, as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 simply states, ‘Pray Always’. If you aren't already praying with your kids - start tonight. You don't need extravagant words or a well thought out plan, just sit with them, meet their child-like faith, and talk to Jesus.