Praying My Boldest Prayer

“God honors bold prayers, because bold prayers honor God.” 
Mark Batterson

I first saw those words on the back of one of my now favorite books while walking through Barnes and Noble.  Testing those words, I asked God to “call me out” in bringing me into an even deeper relationship with Him and to show me how I was to start serving in ministry.  That very night and through the voice of another person, God spoke those exact words right back to me.  He called me out.  Little did I know that this specific point in time would eventually lead me to where I am in ministry today – being a kids pastor.  So often we do not see our prayers answered because we leave no room for faith in them. Evaluate how you communicate with God.  Are your prayers small-minded because you are afraid to ask God for what your heart truly desires?  Do you hold back because you feel you might be disappointed if He answers in a way that you do not expect?  That’s the enemy whispering deception into your ears. God wants you to be bold and specific with your prayers. When we use these faith-filled prayers, we are relying on His power, not our own. Our faith will grow because this type of prayer recalibrates our perspective, so that we are placing sovereignty and control in the hands of our King.  Since the day that God answered my bold prayer to call me out, I’ve completely renovated the way I pray, and I challenge you to do the same.  Pour out your biggest fears and your biggest dreams before God, and watch Him take you on an adventure that neither C.S. Lewis nor George Lucas could capture.  Does this mean bold prayers are an automatic formula for answered prayers?  No, God is not a vending machine, but I guarantee that you will see God move mountains in your life when you exercise bold, faith-filled prayers.  When you commune with God today, do it with faith, confidence, and perseverance in knowing that your King wants you to dream big with Him.