Let There Be Light | Jason & Shelly

We will have been married almost 22 years this April. When you walk down that isle to say “I do” on your wedding day, no one ever expects the dream of a perfect marriage to come crashing down. For the first 11 years of our marriage, we battled infertility, infidelity, manipulation, mental abuse, anger problems, addictions to pornography, alcohol, and cigarettes.

When we were engaged, Jason became a new believer in Christ. After we were married approximately a year, things began to take a turn for the worst. His walk or pursuit for his relationship with Christ was non-existent; other things began taking its place. The addictions began taking priority over his family. In November 2006, as I was seeking the Lord for my marriage, God spoke to me and said, “What satan is trying to steal and destroy I will turn for my Glory." So I had to put all my pain aside and hang on to the assurance, no matter how bad things looked on the outside, for God does not make empty promises.

I wasn’t sure how I would be able to move forward and heal from all the pain. At one period of time, I was so hurt and mentally exhausted, just ready to give up, and in desperation, I had asked the Lord how many times do I have to forgive him. And immediately the Lord spoke to me and said “How many times have I forgiven you?” I began to cry, my desire had always been to have a husband who loved the Lord with all his heart, someone to lead this family. I prayed a prayer one night. It was not an easy prayer to pray, but I told the Lord “WHATEVER it takes for you to reach him, Your will be done, but please protect our children and give me the strength to walk next to him.” A couple weeks after that prayer, Jason’s world (and our families) came crashing in, but unbeknownst to me, God’s plan was in motion. Through that trial, Jason rededicated his life to Christ, God saved our marriage, healed all the hurt and pain that I had endured through the years, and protected our children throughout it all.